Saw us at the GymCon event? 👀
Let’s take it from there! 

They say
don’t just lift heavy, lift right!

Here’s all the heavy-lifting you’ve done so far: 

✔️ Build the best gym
✔️ Learn to sell
✔️ Implement retention strategies
✔️ Adopt a growth mindset 

But something’s not stacking up!
What is it?

There's not a million dollars in the bank yet!

There’s a lot of weight on your shoulders.

You’re sweating precious energy.

Manually managing everything — lead followups, reactivation texts, training sessions, client attendance, supplement sale, membership upgrades....
...list is endless.

You know what million dollar gyms do differently?

They automate.

(bet that wasn’t on your checklist)

You need to must:
Put all admin work on autopilot
Automate lead followups & nurturing
Re-activate old leads and members with auto-messages
Upsell clients semi-privates, supplements, etc automatically through member app
Brings together & automate all your systems
And that’s how one goes from being a
gym-shark to being gym-smart
Show me how!

200+ gyms have seen success with Bookee’s automation capabilities

Revenue up by
in 12 months
167 hrs
of manual work
in 4 months
growth in customers
in a year
every week on ops

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