What is 

"Baby" bookee.ai already can process your digital incoming bills and invoices with up to 90% precision. It means that Bookee.ai mostly predicts the proper synthetic/analytical GL account for its entering into accounting journal and other dimensions i.e. cost-center, budget, employee. So Bookee.ai instead of a human accountant makes a post to journal and categorize each such a purchase document into a matching category for controlling purposes as well.

Now we are focusing to enrich skills of bookee.ai for other domains i.e. tagging for an automatic document workflow and approval, an eligibility for sales and VAT tax. Soon, you will be able to use bookee.ai as a second opinion to your accountant, so you can double-check your postings against the market best practices before you decide to go for full AI autopilot enhancement.

Bookee.ai as an API robot integrated directly to SaaS/cloud based ERPs like xero.com (you'll find us there in app store*) or your legacy software can be connected to our universal application interface (check our API documentation*).

*coming soon


Why bookee.ai?

"AI autopilot" plug&play to your accounting software
Bookee.ai is a digital plugin to power-up your ERP with machine learning features as a part of digitalization era. Bookee.ai is automatically trained over the historical data stored in your book-keeping software. Right after bookee.ai is capable to predict postings of future coming entries for accounting and controlling.

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Why Bookee.ai?

Sucess fee pricing based on cost saving of human time
You pay only if no human correction of AI robot delivery is needed. In case that accountant intervention is required, it's free of charge for you*.
* bookee.ai still learning and we'll do better next time because we want to be perfect if you pay;)

Why Bookee.ai?

Error-free, faster than human,
so a cheaper accounting and controlling driven by AI autopilot. Up and running 24/7 at the same top speed, no sick days nor typos. You spend less energy and we increase a precision of your accounting.

Why Bookee.ai?

Senior accounting professionals will have free hands 

and minds from boring repetitive tasks. They can rather focus on more interesting and complex value added cases. The routine jobs are get done by AI robot from now on.

Why Bookee.ai?

Free to choose any SaaS/cloud based ERP 

which is open to be integrated with 3rd party plugins. You can stay on your existing platform or migrate later without loosing AI robotic features. Feel free to stay with your favorite cloud software like i.e. xero.com* and just power it up by activating our plug & play AI autopilot. Our generic API* is also available to connect your on-premise deployed accounting software.
* coming soon 

Why Bookee.ai?

No initial configuration needed, self learning 

algorithm will train itself automatically over historical data. It will constantly improve itself each month in order to be customized according your needs/habits. Regular rule-based automation needs to be non-stop manually reconfigured, but not bookee.ai.

Why Bookee.ai?

Detail data not collected nor combined,

only its digital footprint without any business nor personal details  is stored. All of them are just used on-the-fly during the learning process, but then only a neural network is stored. It's not possible to reconstruct any of your sensitive data.

Why Bookee.ai?

Tax and regulatory compliance against market,

let's have a robotic doublecheck of your accountant's work vs. best practice on the market of similar companies by size, industry or region. Extra money can be safe by a penalty prevention or a tax optimation.

How does it work?

Coming soon. 
Please check out the API documentation.

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