• peterfusek

Bookee.ai raised €500.000 to free-up humans in accounting engaging by machine learning

Trnava, Slovakia (March 1st, 2021) - Slovak AI tech start-up Bookee.ai s.r.o. successfully finished its seed-round funding €500.000 with investment fund Vision Ventures. Fresh capital enables to fine tune and scale existing machine learning models provided as plugins for major SaaS book-keeping platforms in EMEA region.

Bookee.ai service makes your book-keeping easier with powered AI. Bookee.ai predicts the accounts on the vendor bill lines based on the history of similar companies. Both rule based and Artificial Intelligence powered, it remembers your preferences and learns over time. Thanks to automated book-keeping entries, Bookee.ai is fast, error-free and lowering costs of accounting. Human hands and mind will be free up for higher value added jobs like a tax and finance advisory.


About company Bookee.ai s.r.o. (www.bookee.ai)

Company Bookee.ai s.r.o. is a fintech company based in Trnava, Slovakia. Bookee.ai was founded and is lead by Peter Fusek (CEO) a Peter Čapkovič (CTO). We are people-loving & always-learning the Human-AI collaboration machine enabling the digital era of accounting (like “WALL-E”, but for the book-keeping). We want Artificial Intelligence to enable personal self-development in all-ages for more creative and healthier job.


About company Vision Ventures (www.visionventures.vc)

Vision Ventures is a venture capital company focused on seed investments in Slovakia. We support ambitious founders with innovative and disruptive ideas. The fund under management is multi-sector focused and typical ticket size is between EUR 200 - 800k. Vision Ventures is led by Tomas Bel and Gabriel Horvath.