• peterfusek

Brand Core is not dead!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Trnava, Slovakia (February 15th, 2021) - We are the company culture strong believers, that's why we want to be true to yourselves and transparent to all stakeholders by formulating and publishing The Corporate Brand Matrix of Bookee.ai before we fully take-off with it.

We used "The Corporate Brand Identity Matrix" framework by Stephen A. Greyser and Mats Urde in Harvard Business Review (January 1st, 2019) for our former companies, so we take it as a guideline again :

Companies are extremely good at defining their product brands. But they’re often less sure-footed when it comes to the corporate brand. What does the parent company’s name really stand for, and how is it perceived and leveraged in the marketplace and within the company itself? This matrix can reveal whether your corporate brand identity is well integrated and, if it isn’t, can show where problems and opportunities lie and help you address them.

Bookee.ai corporate brand matrix

We believe this exercise is important to take not only before you launch any new project, but regularly when pivoting or hiring intensively. Yes, we haven't done it exactly that way before: at least once a year on management off-site nor all-staff meeting, but we will do it ;). More important is that we promised ourselves to live it and to check our steps if they still comply. Your feedback is very welcomed, and we will be pleased to learn from your methodology or examples of its application on real business. *Update April 13th, 2021: Now let's have a look how to deliver what you promised, start with The Business Model Canvas .