• peterfusek

Cloud accounting platforms for SMEs in EMEA

At Bookee.ai we did recently a quick research of cloud-based book-keeping platforms for small & medium enterprises available in EMEA region. We were looking for a SaaS web-based accounting system, preferably simple ERP for double-accounting in digital era and this findings can help you if you plan to switch to online and real-time mode for both accountants and all other employees.

Bookee.ai co. has a tax domicile in the hearth of Europe (Slovakia) and previously we used profit365.eu as our only one book-keeping platform which is compliant with our local accounting standard. We are fans of open platforms where you can easily choose an additional power-ups even coming from 3rd party software developers. We believe that this is how you can choose (and pay for:) the best tools available in its app stores. Or you can integrate your accounting via APIs or integration platforms like zapier.com to any favorite tool you use in your business.

We were scanning the presence of globally operating SaaS ERPs, but specifically in EMEA region (to be compliant with local accounting standards) which can be proved by EMEA located customer success stories. We just googled their product websites incl. app stores and other public available resources in period of March and April 2021. The big ERP players like sap.com/sk/products/s4hana-erp/, netsuite.com, dynamics.microsoft.com which are primary suitable for large corporates (in our opinion) where excluded from this comparison.

The hereabove rating is subjective only, based on our criteria and needs. Now we are testing xero.com including its power-ups like dokka.com , datamolino.com and Staple.io for picture-to-text processing (OCR) of purchase invoices and bills. We really like also quickbooks.intuit.com and freshbooks.com so we are planning to do a shadow accounting there too. Our goal is to prove this global platforms for local needs of SMEs in EMEA, because we want to rollout our AI driven book-keeping robot Bookee.ai in their stores.

Once we are done with several months practical test, we will definitely update you too or let us know your thoughts even before.