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Have a good plan, but better execution

Trnava, Slovakia (April 13th, 2021) - Doing any business needs a battle plan. Before you start to execute any good idea, please sit down and draw on one pager how you would like to operate your business from a helicopter perspective. At Bookee.ai, we want to share what we have learned during our enterprises, that's why we share another part of our business tools.

We used one of many generic template, you can find more official frameworks as "Business Model Canvas" or "Lean Canvas". Deeper insights and practical tutorials including examples can be learned from a great entrepreneurship handbook Startup Scaleup Screwup (not only for startupers;) by Jurgen Appelo.

Bookee.ai Excerpt of the Business Model Canvas:

The full business model and the business plan is treated as a high-confidential part of business know-how of each company which is not typically shared outside of internal management team to prevent copy cats (or being afraid of shame not having a good one or any plan). We are not afraid to share a substantial part of our cook-book, because we rely on its execution. So good luck with your adventure:

To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions. - Steve Jobs

In parallel with the Business Model Canvas, we recommend why you want to this business enterprise at all. What's your vision and mission with this project can help you to figure out a Corporate Brand Matrix , you can get inspired by ours and its template here. We will be really happy if we can learn even from your business tools, please share with us and others using Get in Touch . Happy entrepreneuring !