• peterfusek

Human-AI collaboration machine enabling the digital era of accounting

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Trnava, Slovakia (February 2nd, 2021) - Slovak AI tech start-up Bookee.ai s.r.o. has been officially registered and can start the digitalization revolution in book-keeping, to disrupt paper and manual-entry accounting industry for AI era.


Peter Fusek and Peter Čapkovič (formerly co-founders of Instarea Ltd. - The Big Data Monetization Company) founded their next enterprise in Trnava, based at NEFKUS co-working creative house. We aim to boost startup environment even outside of capital city, that's why we chose to transfer our skills & knowledge to locals in marvelous historical city of Trnava. Bookee.ai is now looking for a strategic partner to enable its development to a viable product and its expansion as a add-on to SaaS accounting systems in EMEA region.

We do automated book-keeping entries using AI: fast, error-free and at lower costs to free humans for higher value added jobs like a tax and finance advisory. Welcome in digital era of accounting, driven by Artificial intelligence.

Peter Čapkovič (CTO) about the mission of Bookee.ai

We want to start the digitalization revolution in book-keeping, to disrupt an industry of manual-entry accounting for AI era.


Peter Fusek (CEO) about the vision of Bookee.ai

Thanks to technology, people can identify and flourish their talents better, use them in jobs for services to others, non-stop learning and teaching. Part of value generated by machine should be shared back to people in order to boost their talents.