• peterfusek

Microbots REST API v1.1 released

Recently Bookee.ai enabled a SaaS/cloud ERP system to benefit from Artificial Inteligence (AI) features in accounting area (more details here). Same backend engine is now available to other ERPs via Microbots REST API v1.1 .

This generic API enables any accounting system to be integrated with Bookee.ai in order to powerup an existing system for machine learning abilities. Currently available version of interface supports a training of your neural network for synthetic account and cost center prediction in bookkeeping domain, specifically purchase bills and invoices.

Neural network extension for cost center prediction Supported features:

  • Uploading huge data set of accounting journal entries

  • Training of your neural network for synthetic account and cost center

  • Prediction of synthetic accounts and cost center for new accounting journal entries

Both swagger and redoc Open API specifications are now available: https://dev.bookee.ai/api-docs/index.html

Bookee.ai is a digital plugin to power-up your ERP with machine learning features as a part of digitalization era. Bookee.ai is automatically trained over the historical data stored in your book-keeping software. Right after bookee.ai is capable to predict postings of future coming entries for accounting and controlling.

If you want to use this service please contact us via hello@bookee.ai.