• peterfusek

Payback to your University/High School Alumni

At Bookee.ai we believe in a business-academy partnerships and we have decided to publish the most of our internal documents for an education purposes i.e. Brand Core Matrix , Business Model Canvas , Process Flow Sample and more to come along the way. As Alumni, we want to payback to the alma-mater and its community by a free sharing of our knowledge for next generation of talents at the schools. We are open to discuss our best practice with the recent students to enrich their knowledge from books with our up-to-date the market best practice.

That's why we regularly participate on the Alumni club meetings of Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava. During its last session we had a short introduction of Bookee.ai, check out the slides here .

And don't forget to share for free even "business sensitive" category, there are some youngster looking forward to learn from you like you did before !

P.S. Please donate your Alumni club today.