• peterfusek

Process flow for Purchase Invoice by Boookee.ai

One of the current issues all SME companies are facing now, but they don't know yet:...too few AI robots in accounting :) Nevertheless it's easy to embedded an Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your existing bookkeeping workflow. Check the example of purchase invoices and how Bookee.ai is integrated in this process.

Before AI robot can do the routine part of a job of your accountant, it's need to train its brain (NN=Neural Network) using your historical data coming from accounting journal and previous purchase invoices and bills to understand how you used to do posting and other categorization for accounting and controlling purposes. Bookee.ai can help you even in case your accounting history is not available in digital form yet, it use the pretrained model of similar companies (by region, size, age, industry). Right after, once your own new data are coming from your OCR system to your accounting software, Bookee.ai starts to retrain your own version of NN which fits your habits and needs. This your clone of Bookee.ai is from now on improving itself, as it continuously scans all the changes of its prediction you made in your accounting platform later.

*illustrative example only, based on SASK accounting standards

Bookee.ai can assist and stands for Accountant but also double check your other humans like Controller or Auditor. Later you can even compare your own accounting procedures versus the market best practice. This is just a sample of first domain to be automated by AI robot in your finance and controlling area, next coming soon, so please stay tuned! Ask for demo using our Contact for here.