Hello world :)

We are people-loving & always-learning the Human-AI collaboration machine enabling the digital era of accounting (like “WALL-E”, but for book-keeping;).

What engages us (mission)?

We want to start digitalization revolution to book-keeping,
to disrupt paper and manual-entry accounting industry for AI era.

What is our direction and inspiration (vision)?
Thanks to technology, people can identify and flourish their talents better, use them in jobs for services to others, non-stop learning and teaching. Part of value generated by machine should be shared back to people in order to boost their talents.


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Kids with Capes
Super Hero Kids

Dušan Markovič

QA tester & research

Dušan is a tech geek and  young talented tester and research on web, mobile app and front-end solutions. Felix proves his skills as mid-school student who just self-learned and master various technologies. Felix will assure quality of our development and User experience (UX) of all User Interfaces for interaction of Bookee.ai with humans. 

Our next superhero


To be specified by you with us

Our next superhero

Vue.js, Xamarin Developer

To be specified by you with us

Our next superhero


To be specified by you with us


Peter Fusek

CEO, co-founder

Peter is the business lead at Bookee.ai and its co-founder.  With more than 20 years in the financial, banking and telco industries he has the acumen to build a team of brilliant people and start the practical disruption in old-fashioned and boring book-keeping. He wants to get rid of pains that he was facing in accounting area during his CFO/COO times and make it ready for digital/AI era. Peter is looking to engage again both university and high school students in research of people-less concepts, aiming to use machine learning and free-up human resources for rather creative and healthier jobs. Peter loves to get things done now and by his hands: "We are the ones we have been waiting for." -- #AllForJan tribute to the murdered young investigative journalist. 

Peter Čapkovič

CTO, co-founder

Peter is the technical grandmaster at Bookee.AI and also its co-founder. No technology being too new or too complex for Peter, he makes Bookee.AI product excell together with his dev team. 
Formerly Peter as CTO covered an architecture, development and operations of SaaS solutions on global scale in banking, telco, bigdata and IoT areas. Peter is keen on young technical talents development, so he took various lectures and he led internships for mid school and university students focusing on IoT, Machine Learning and GPU computing.

His motto is: "I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies."  -- author Le Corbusier 

Martin Dubeň

External advisor

Martin provides feedback to Bookee.ai in accounting and controlling areas based on his practical experiences in the EMEA region. Currently, as managing partner at onetribeadvisory, a boutique consulting agency, Martin utilizes his over 15 years of experience across diverse industries and passion for the newest technologies to redefine the role of Finance and meet the requirements of modern, fast-growing emerging businesses in CEE and the UK. He also holds multiple positions in other organizations, providing specialized financial and business advisory services for SMEs and corporates in Middle East & Africa.

Martin has demonstrated a proven track of leading change initiatives across numerous multinational corporate environments and championed key automation, transformation and technology projects leading to significant business performance improvements.

Felix Vítek

Front-end developer

Felix is a tech quick learner and  young multi talented developer focused on web / front-end solution. Felix proves his skills as mid-school student who just self-learned and master various technologies. Felix will design and develop the User Interface for interaction of Bookee.ai with humans. 

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We are 13+ years in business together, our first SaaS baby was Callinspector - telecom expense management software with the unique automatic private calls detection over the company cell phones. It helps to startup our first company called Partnering which scale-uped to Instarea, part of Adastra Group. From Slovakia, Instarea deployed several global cloud solution like Market Locator/Slisor in EMEA region (i.e. Saudi Arabia) and it has more than 3 mio EUR yearly turnover in its peak. Instarea scored in Deloitte Technology FAST 50 thanks to its team of 100+ talents. During COVID-19 Instarea accomplished its mission by successfully exiting from its solutions, so both of us too.


We have decided to utilized our previous experience with Machine Learning and to address one of problems all SME is facing but not know yet:...too few AI robots in accounting :)

Please wish us luck to engage & inspire talents from schools on our mission to free humans for more creative and healthier jobs!

Peter F. & Peter Č., founders